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Figure 1

From: A step towards non-invasive characterization of the human frontal eye fields of individual subjects

Figure 1

Definition of human FEF from seven studies. The FEF loci were transformed into the Talairach space and superimposed onto one of our subjects’ MRIs. The display is shown at two axial slices, one with Talairach coordinate of (a) Z=45 mm and one with (b) Z=37 mm. Color denotes the FEF definition from different studies (Red: Blanke et al [17]); orange: Amiez et al [19]; light green: Neggers et al [29]; green: Sestieri et al [31]; blue: Reuter et al [30]; yellow: Ioannides et al 2004 [1] and pink: Ioannides et al 2005 [24]). Shape denotes the distance between the loci and the MRI slices (circles and squares for loci within 5 mm and 10 mm of the slice, respectively). For reference, major landmarks are also shown as white outlines: central sulcus (CS), precentral sulcus (PCS) and superior frontal sulcus (SFS). The FEF definitions from each of the studies by others are represented by one set of symbols (one for left and one for right hemisphere, each marking the mean coordinates of a group of subjects used in that study), while from our studies the FEF definitions for individual subjects are shown (yellow circles in (a), yellow and pink circles in (b)).

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