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Figure 3

From: Interocular yoking in human saccades examined by mutual information analysis

Figure 3

Averaged times for: A. Saccade initiation from the onset of cue image; B. Peak-velocity from the saccade initiation; C. Saccade duration. The average was performed separately for the 1st day (left panels) and the 2nd day (right panels), for the Go-Only sessions (open bars) and the Go/NoGo sessions (filled bars), for the leftward saccades (left paired-bars in each panel) and the rightward saccades (right paired-bars). Error bars represent ± 1 SE. The saccades initiated significantly earlier: i. in the Go-Only than in the Go/NoGo sessions (p<0.001); ii. on the 2nd day than on the 1st day (p<0.001); iii. The peak-velocity was significantly earlier for the rightward than the leftward saccades (p<0.05).

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