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Table 1 Mean values of pressures and resistances in a peripheral network as a function of pulsatility and controls.

From: Simulation study of autoregulation responses of peripheral circulation to systemic pulsatility

pc 68.09 67.33 mmHg
pinm 19.08 21.27 mmHg
ppI 56.27 56.08 mmHg
Arteriolar resistance 548.13 556.37 mmHgmin/l
Peripheral resistance 1298.81 1341.70 mmHgmin/l
  1. Parameters of the response of peripheral network p16s in the presence and in the absence of pulsatility (pc is the pressure at the inlet of the peripheral district, pinm is the pressure at the inlet of the capillary bed, ppI is the pressure which acts as the drive variable of the myogenic regulation).