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Figure 2

From: Critical scale of propagation influences dynamics of waves in a model of excitable medium

Figure 2

Steady state restitution curves with constant v r . Steady state restitution curves for two values of excitation threshold v r = 0.25 (upper curve) and v r = 0.31 (lower curve). Insert A shows the analytically determined dependence of T h on excitation threshold v r for stable solitary pulse [29]. Critical level of = 0.359 beyond which no stable solitary pulse exists is indicated by the dashed line. Open and filled circles located near the intersection above and below horizontal dashed line correspond to the ends of restitution curves shown as solid lines in the main domain. Inserts B and D illustrate the transition between stable action potential adaptation and alternans at the end of the curve with higher value v r = 0.31. Insert C shows the evolution of u and v during a 3:2 propagation block at the end of the curve with lower value v r = 0.25.

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