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Figure 1

From: Virtual respiratory system in investigation of CPAP influence on optimal breathing frequency in obstructive lungs disease

Figure 1

Simplified scheme of the respiratory mechanics model. Ru, R, RL, Rr – upper airway resistances, L, LL, Lr – inertances, CDL, CDr – the parts of dead space different from the trachea and main bronchi (indices L and r concern the left and right lung, respectively), Cw, Rw- chest wall compliance and viscosity, Ps- respiratory muscles, Pw- intrapleural pressure, P- pressure in the mouth (if breathing is supported with CPAP, P = CPAP). Numbered boxes describe lobes (i = 1, 2 – left upper, lower lobe, 3, 4, 5 – right upper, middle, lower lobe): Rpi – the "resistance" of the bronchi that may collapse, Rvi – the resistance of smallest bronchi, Cci – air compressibility, Cai – the lobe compliance, Rti – lobe tissue viscosity.

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