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Figure 9 | Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Figure 9

From: Reconstruction of cellular variability from spatiotemporal patterns of Dictyostelium discoideum

Figure 9

Snapshots of experimental data sets analyzed on their spatial distribution in cell-cell differences (bar size 2 mm). Time points are indicated above the array of snapshots. In addition the spatial size the experimental data differ in their resolution: (A) and (B) 22.6 pixels/mm, (C) 68.2 pixels/mm, (D) 68.0 pixels/mm, (E) 38.6 pixels/mm, (F) 53.3 pixels/mm. As a rule of thumb at a cell density of 6.172·105 cells/cm2 one can expect that 1 pixel contains approximately 12 cells in (A) and (B), 1 cell in (C) and (D), 4 cells in (E) and 2 cells in (F).

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