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Figure 10 | Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Figure 10

From: Reconstruction of cellular variability from spatiotemporal patterns of Dictyostelium discoideum

Figure 10

Schematic view of the procedure of individual cell property extraction. Data sets were devided into intervals of 200 images corresponding to 10 minutes in the experiments considered here. For each interval the observables Ω ij and I ij were determined. For this particular data set (denoted (C) in Figure 9) the corresponding observables (for a particular image segment) are shown below the time axis: first row – Ω ij , second row – I ij . One sees from these distributions that the two observables focus on small-scale fluctuations rather than the large-scale features of the original patterns. In the subsequent analysis the three correlation coefficients of the reconstructed matrices (first and second time interval, second and third, and first and third) are computed both for Ω ij and I ij .

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